Layer It Up!!!

Hi Guys, Hope you had a great weekend. We had a very laid back weekend. With continuous trips on weekend from the start of this year(literally every weekend from January) we decided to take break on our weekend travels and have some relaxed time with some cooking , catching up with some shows and playing…

via Layer It Up — Inflated Dreams for some plaid shirt layering ideas 🙂


How to become a Morning Person

As a Kid, I used to be a morning person. My father used to wake me and my brother at 4’o clock in the morning and we go for a morning walk or play badminton. I was one of the most energetic person back in my school days.I know, it has some thing to do…

via How to become a Morning Person — Inflated Dreams

Click on the link get some interesting tips to become a morning person !!!

We are Self Hosted!!!

Finally!!! After so much of thought, I have purchased my domain from Go daddy and hosted with WordPress.

Click here to visit the new site 🙂

I am still on the process of figuring out theme and design , so I warn you some things might change in the course of time.It is in its baby stage now.

Thanks everyone for following me here and reading my posts. Please check out the new site and subscribe with your email to get notifications on the new posts.

See you there.. 🙂


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Stay Healthy During Holidays!!!

Christmas is a hard time of the year to stay fit and focused on the Diet.Everyone pampers you with yummy food and you can’t refuse it because it is Christmas and it is love 🙂 .

I am that person who is very bad at eating healthy in general , and not to mention the holidays.These are the tips I have thought might help me in staying healthy this festive season.
If you are anything like me, then why not we both try these tips to stay healthy this Christmas season

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The Christmas Wish List!!!

Christmas is  right around the corner and I am sure everyone is ready with their X’mas wishlist.

I am not a person who likes to get surprised with gifts which I may not like or use.( I know it sounds horrible, but it’s practical for me). So I always make wishlist for every occasion like Birthday, Valentine’s day and  hint people in advance what I actually wish for. 🙂

I have made a wishlist for the season which I would like to gift to myself or would like some to gift me for Christmas.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Him!!!

With so many Men in my life, (don’t get me wrong here, its the family 😛 ), it has always been difficult to pick the right gifts for every one.

My brother always have a feeling that pricey things are good things, my papa always look forward to the quality and usability of the gifts, and I can always convince my BF into the Gifts I like for him and make him like too  🙂 .

It is always tricky to shop gifts for them on every occasion. So, I have come up with some Gifts Idea for X’mas.

Read more if you want to get some ideas on the X’mas gifts for the men in your life.

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Currently ! ! ! 

December is the most happening time of the year.Its a shame if I am dragging my two months old stuffs to this festive season . Myself, being the laziest person of all times, does not have new things happening every month.

But this time around , I have some new things am into to share here.

So here is yet again a Currently post…

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Top 5 Christmas Movies!!!

During December, everything needs to be festive, even the movies we watch.I do not have a huge list of movies , I have watched. But I have watched a couple of very good ones.This time, I am planning to watch more like one per day 😀

If you are a person who  is lazy and likes to be cozy on the bed during the holidays which I don’t suggest for Xmas by the way, X’mas movies are one thing which will bring all the holiday spirit to you.

If you are finding difficulty in picking from a huge list of X’mas movies out there, let me share my top 5 Christmas Movies .

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