Denim on Denim!!!

Can you believe it’s already May. Time is flying real fast and this month started with a long weekend which was quite exciting. How did your long weekend go?? Mine was a pretty chilled one. We did not plan any travel for the long weekend . Saturday I spend most of the time sleeping and reading…

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GlamEgo Subscription Box!!!

Subscription boxes are quite a new thing still in Indian Market. There are hardly 5-10 different subscription box for beauty and jewelry that I have seen some of the youtubers/bloggers reviewing. I was planning to trying one of those skincare subscription box for ages and never could not finalize on one. Either I want all…

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The Big Banyan Tree!!!

Hi Everyone! I am back after a short Easter break. The holidays were good.However, Mumbai during summers in not so good. I am back with so much tan, dull face and dry hair. I am already working on that. Anyhow, Coming back to the post, two weeks before we went for a short bike ride…

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My Top 5 Summer Essentials!!!

Summer is at its peak in India and its not a happy scene. The temperature has touched almost 45 degrees. Due to this harsh climate, the hair and skin is undergoing a drastic bad situation. It is very important to give extra care to your body during the summers. Otherwise, your skin will be more…

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Hidden Figures!!!

I don’t normally review movies. I am not good at analyzing the cinematography, script or acting skills of the people. It is always a mere entertainment for me. Anything which can make me laugh, cry or inspire is a good movie for me. Lately, I am very much into watching Oscar movies. I have already…

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March Round Up!!!

Do you remember how excited I was for March and made my March Goals. Well, March turned out to be a worse month for me. The IT job takes some surprising twists at times. Most of my March was taken up by my regular IT job and I even worked on weekends for straight three…

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10 Things to do during Tropical Summers

Summer has begun officially and we, tropical Indians are not so fond of this season.Sun is very strong through out the day, atmosphere is humid and you feel exhausted and lethargic all the time. There is no intermediate spring season .It is straight away SUMMER. Most of our days feels Bleh! and we tend to stick around…

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Night Trek at Narayanagiri!!!

“Climb the mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world” Now, If you have read my 30 before 30 wish list, Night Trekking was one of the things I wanted to do before 30. When I have put it there on my wish list, I had no clue…

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Travel List- States of India

I am on a travel break for this month. (Check out the previous blog to know why). But the travel bug inside me keep planning for trips for the weekend and I get reminded that we are not doing it this month. I started my proper travelling two years ago. Before that, it was mostly…

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March Goals !!!

Happy March Everyone!! Last two months have been amazing. The weather was beautiful. We did quite a lot weekend travels and trekking trips. Summer has begun and it is not the beautiful weather in this part of the world. So March is not my favorite month due to the harsh sun, heat and humidity. I tend…

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