The Christmas  Tag!!!

No Christmas series is complete without “The Christmas Tag” post. So I wanted to do this one as the first to my series. Also, I get to share  all my favourite things about X’mas here.

So here we go…

1.What is your favourite Christmas Movie/’s? 

Hands down, its Elf. It is my all time Xmas movies.I do not have a big list of X’mas movies I have watched. But I would love to The Elf over and over again.Love to watch the innocent and happy face of Buddy and it makes me cry  with happiness everytime during the song” You Better watch out”

2.Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning ?

We don’t have any tradition of keeping all the gifts under tree. Normally,  my parents gifts me on Christmas Eve and I open it then and there . I can’t wait longer to see what’s inside. Typical me 🙂

3.Favourite Festive Food?

Cakes are my favourite food during Christmas . I love the one which has more dry fruits. However,  whatever my mother makes is my favourite .

4.Favourite Christmas memory?

My favourite Xmas memory always revolve around the late night carol and the Xmas mass at church .

6.Favourite Christmas Scent?

I would say,  it has always been the smell of  freshly baked cookies

7.What tops your tree?

Being Living in India, We don’t usually get a real X’mas Tree. So we buy a good fake Tree and decorate it with new decoration and ornaments every year. It’s a giant golden star which  always tops our tree.

8.What’s the best part of Christmas for you?

Spending time with family is the main thing I look forward to. Being living away from parents, I make sure that I spend my X’mas always with them and I do it every year without any fail. So the happiness of being with the family is the best part of Christmas for me.

9.Favourite Christmas carol song?

I love X’mas Carols. I was always a part of X’mas Carol in school and Church.  I  know quite a  list of songs, so it is difficult to pick one favourite. If I really want to pick one, it should be the famous ” O Come All Ye Faithful”. I know its full lyrics and tune 🙂

10 . Have you ever had a white Christmas ?

I live in the southern part of India where there is no extreme cold weather. So it is obvious that I have never had a white Christmas. But, I would like to have  one if I get a chance, but of course with my family 🙂

Hope you are all in great holiday spirits already:)


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