30 before 30!!!

As my b’day is around the corners, I would like to make a list of things I wanted to do before I hit 30. I am turning 27 this Saturday. Time flies by so fast and there is so much thing to do.

I am not afraid of turning 30, rather I am very excited to be in a new phase of my life.I need some focus in my life as these days I spend most of the time on thinking of something or the other. So I thought this would be something that keep me busy and energetic.

So Here is the 30 things I would like to do before hitting that 30 milestone.

1.Get a tattoo.
2.Learn driving and buy a car.
3.Get a pet (DOG).
4.Take parents for a vacation.
5.Buy a camera and learn some photography.
6.Get married.
7.Move to a flat and live alone for 6 months/an year
8.Go on a night trek.
9.Learn a new language.
10.Play a paintball game with friends.
11.Join an NGO and involve in some charity work.
12.Stop using credit cards.-Done. Cleared all my outstanding credit and cancelled the card permanently. I am some one who is bad at managing credit card, so I decided to stop using it. 
13.Ride in those colorful Hot air balloon .
14.Run a Marathon.- Done. In August 2016, Ran a marathon of 3k organised by decathlon. I did not do very well in that ,but I enjoyed it though. It is just a start and many more marathon on the way.
15.Go snorkeling.30 before 3016.Learn some new hairstyles.
17.Become a self hosted blog.
18.Travel to a new country.
19.Live in a tree house for a weekend.
20.Quit my corporate job and get a job which I love.
21.Start investing money wisely.
22.Do a juice cleanse.
23.Meet up with childhood friends.
24.Go to an adventure park and get into all that terrifying rides.
25.Watch a cricket match at the stadium.
26.Get a new smart phone and get rid of my blackberry one. Done. Got rid of my blackberry after long 4 years. Bought a new Xiaomi phone. I have started getting used to android finally!!!
27.Have family photos done.
28.Take vineyard tour and do grape stomping.
29.Experience the snow fall at some part of the world.
30.Have a fun 30th birthday party with my closed ones.

I would keep a track of this list and will update here as soon as I accomplish something. 😀

So what is in your list for the next three years?


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