Somnathpura Temple:An architectural Excellence

It was a long weekend and it was obvious that we need to travel and we decided to go on a road trip in our bike to Mysore which is almost 3 hours ride from Bangalore.

After inquiring to some of my colleagues, we came to know about this magnificent temple en-route  Mysore and we planned our journey accordingly.We started from electronic city and took the nice road and then the Kanakapura road to reach Bannur. The temple is hardly 15 mins ride inside of the Bannur junction.

Coming to the history and architecture of the Keshava Temple,It is believed to have been built around AD 1268 under Somnatha, a general in the army of Narasimha III of the Hoysala Dynasty. The temple is famous for its elaborate sculpturing.somnathpuraThe temple is enclosed in a walled courtyard that has a gate and a porch. A beautiful garden with lush green lawn is maintained.IMG-20160412-WA0004IMG_20160408_113553The temple is built on an elevated star shaped platform. The platform on which the temple stands by is guarded by seated lions.IMG_20160408_113746IMG_20160408_113431I was totally mesmerized by the temple structure at the first sight.The architectural beauty is totally admirable.IMG-20160412-WA0003IMG_20160408_113400IMG-20160412-WA0005The Keshava temple is the best-preserved monument of Hoysala architecture.

If you are around Bangalore, you should totally take some time out and visit here just to admire its wonderful architectural excellence.You will never regret. Its totally  breath taking 🙂


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