Weekend Getaway: Jungle Safari!!!

Last weekend of March, Some of my friends came to Bangalore and we decided to go for a very short trip and planned to experience the jungle Safari at Bannerghatta National Park.

It is getting really hot in here and we did not prefer to travel the whole day in the sun and get exhausted.

The Park timings are from 9.30 am-5 pm and Tuesdays will be closed.

We started by 2 pm after our lunch from electronic city and it is just 18 km away from the park. However, Google was not showing the correct way and we reached there with the help of locals there.

We reached the Park around 3 PM . The place was totally crowded with the tourists. We straight away walked to the ticket counter and took the bus ride for the safari with costed 260 per head which includes the Zoo fees as well. I will insert a detail price and timings here.


The bus for the safari is well maintained and secured with the grills to protect from the animals.

We could spot many deers , bears sleeping and eating, lion and lioness sleeping after the lunch.



BEAR3The most exciting was the Tiger safari.

The white tigers looked so magnificent and was enjoying in the pool after food. The Tigers were roaming calmly on the roads and some even blocked our way and we could see it very closely.


WHITE TIGER2It was indeed a wonderful experience. The Safari was for almost 20-30 mins and we enjoyed it to the fullest.

Then We decided to walk around the Zoo. The zoo is not that well maintained may be because the major focus is on the Safari.

How ever we walked around for some time seeing the animals, birds, monkeys, peacocks etc .It was a very short and interesting  weekend trip

If you are visiting Bangalore, you should definitely plan for the Jungle safari here ; It would be a good experience. 🙂


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