Hi Everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful March 🙂

As you can totally guess from the title , I am currently into new things and I would like to share it here.

ReadingAnna Karenina By Leo Tolstoy.

I started reading another book during the start of the month, but I wanted to read some fiction and my friend suggested me to read this one.anna karenina

I have just started reading the book and I am liking it already.Its a classic one . I will definitely do a review here once I finish it.

Loving-Dr Reddy’s Venusia Cream

I was suffering from severe dryness on my face during February. I tried so many moisturizing creams which some how did not work out for me.

venusia cream

I used to get dry flakes all over face especially around the lips.One of my colleagues introduced this to me and I decided to give it a try.

I would say its a miracle cream. I could feel the change from second day itself.The thick creamy consistency will make the skin moisturized without making it greasy.

I use it twice daily and no more dryness on the face 😀 It is going to be my all time skin care product and I would really recommend this to everyone who is suffering from dryness on face.

Buy it here

Thinking-of getting a book shelve at my home

My book collection is increasing tremendously and I am loving my collection. I am taking back all my books to my parents place because of the space limitation in my room. I am planning to get a book shelf there in my room which create a great display for my collection.

Am loving this tree shelf:)

I am looking some designs online and hope I will make up my mind to get one soon.

Watching-Game of Thrones

I have been planning to watch this series for long and now I have downloaded all the of thrones

I am loving it so far and the graphics is mind blowing.I am on the First season and I am loving Arya Stark and Jon Snow so far 🙂

Planning-To get a Tattoo

It’s been so long that I am thinking to get a tattoo. I could not decide on a

Now  I am getting more inspired with the people around me having tattoos and I am planning to get one very soon.I am checking on the design, once I finalize it, it will be soon.

I am really excited already 😀

So what are you up to  currently??


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