Coorg- Talacauvery &Water falls-Day 3!!!

This was our last day in Coorg. The car arrived by 9.30. It was a new driver today who is more energetic and very fluent in English which made our communication easier.

Today’s plan was to visit the Talacauvery , Bhagamandala, Brahmagiri Hills and Abbey water falls.

First thing first. The driver suggested us a restaurant which serves some Coorg special breakfast items. This made us really happy that finally we could eat some thing other than Masala dosa. I could not recollect the name of the dish, but it was so yummy 🙂

From Madikeri, we travelled towards the Talacauvaery which is more than a hour’s drive.The place was on high altitude and our driver was so crazily driving  that we got motion sickness.

Finally, we reached our first destination, Bhagamandala, where you can see the triveri sangama where the Cauvery river meets its two tributeries, Kannike and Sujyoti River.IMG_20160125_112146

IMG_20160125_111837Near to the Triveni Sangama, there is a famous temple, Sri Bhagandeshwara temple, which has a very marvelous architecture. We prayed there and continued our journey to Talacauvery.IMG_20160125_112447Talacauvery is origin of Cauvery River from the Bramhagiri Hills. This is one of the holy places in Karnataka. Hundreds of people come here regularly to worship. A small spring, Brahma kundike,  marks the origin of the CaurveryIMG_20160125_122607IMG_20160125_123255IMG_20160125_122634IMG_20160125_122637A temple was built on this spot where regular puja rituals take place. The temple is dedicated to Lord Agastheeswara, who is considered to be the link between great Sage Agasthya and river Cauvery.talacavueryFrom the Talacauvery temple, steps leads to the Brahmagiri hills. On reaching the top of hills, I was very tired. We sat down there to enjoy the scenic beauty of the peaks surrounded by it.IMG_20160125_124201IMG_20160125_124219IMG_20160125_125628IMG_20160125_130953It was just soothing for both the body and mind and its worth the whole climbing the steps 🙂

After spending some time, we planned to travel back. It was already noon by then. On our way back, our driver stopped at his friend’s coffee plantation and gave us a short plantation tour and described various coffee processing like a pro.It was quite interesting.IMG_20160125_142300IMG_20160125_142759IMG_20160125_143212IMG_20160125_142853We bought some  fresh coffee powder from there which smelled so amazing  to gift to my Mom.

By this time, I was famished and we asked our driver to suggest some good restaurant in Coorg where they serve pork dishes.He took us to one Bar restaurant in Madikeri Town which serves amazing coorg cuisine.Finally, I got to eat some drool worthy pork delicacies and I loved it.

Next destination was Abbey falls which is very close to Madikeri Town.You need to walk down through a coffee plantation to reach the falls. Hanging bridge is built across the gorge which offers a good view of the falls.Since it was too crowded everywhere, we were not able to enjoy the view. We clicked some photos and walked back.IMG_20160125_164319abbey fallsWe had our tea from the small stall at the entrance of the falls and we drove  back to the Madikeri town.We then visited the museum which is not worth a visit. We just walked around in 10 mins and then drove back to hotel.When you visit coorg, you can very well skip this as well.

Here our three days trip to coorg has come to an end. .We enjoyed the hassle free relaxed days.The activities were very interesting. We are definitely going to come back during the winter season 🙂


  1. Try to avoid the trip during the hotter months of the year.
  2. Try white water rafting during monsoon.
  3. Opt for a home stay to get the special Coorg cuisines if you are a foodie.
  4. Check out various tour itinerary to compare the rates. You can always bargain down to lesser price.
  5. Don’t miss a coffee plantation tour.

The End!


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