Coorg- Rafting, Safari & More-Day 2!!!

The day started very early. We got ready by 8 am. Our driver arrived at 8.30 and we started our journey to Kushal Nagar which is almost 30 km from Madikeri.Our first stop was Dubare Elephant Camp.It is a forest camp for elephants on the banks of river Kaveri.

I am such an elephant lover and was very much excited for the activities there.We reached there by 9 am and had our breakfast. To reach the Elephant camp, there is boat service which takes from the shore for Rs.30 to the camp.IMG_20160124_102548We can take part in many activities like Elephant bathing, Feeding and Elephant ride. Everything was so much fun.I loved the baby elephant who as being naughty when people start feeding him. Everything is charged separately.IMG_20160124_103003



IMG_20160124_112223Make sure you come before noon as activities will be till then. Don’t miss this place if you are an  hard core elephant lover like me.It’s real fun.

Our driver took us to nearby place for river rafting which is less crowded. We payed Rs.200 per person. Since it was still water, I was not expecting any adventure.

IMG_20160124_104646They took a round through the river. It was such a new and refreshing experience to me. It would have been more fun and adventurous if it was white water. We are definitely going to back for that  🙂IMG_20160124_122303IMG_20160124_122307IMG_20160124_123936Next place was  Nisargadhama , which is an island around by river Kaveri.IMG_20160124_130448.jpgIt is connected by a Hanging garden. There is peddle boating, Elephant safari, rabbit and deer park and some other activities.IMG_20160124_130800We decided to just walk around the place and not do any activities as we were tired a bit.I spent most of the time feeding the Deers and it was indeed fun 🙂IMG_20160124_132120IMG_20160124_132104IMG_20160124_132120We had our traditional non veg meals of Coorg and headed to our last destination for the day. The Bylakuppe , which has several Tibetan Settlement. It is the second largest Tibetan settlement in India.IMG_20160124_151059IMG_20160124_161704IMG_20160124_162309IMG_20160124_162623We visited the Namdroling monastery . I was mesmerized by the architectural excellence and the amazing wall paintings. The main building, which is the Golden Temple has a magnificent Buddha Statue. IMG_20160124_153858


IMG_20160124_153939The monks were busy setting up the place for the evening prayers.It gives a peace of mind when you sit in front of Buddha and close the eyes and forget about the outside world.IMG_20160124_161810As we came out of the place, we could hear the chanting from the temple. The evenings prayers have already started.

We ended our second day with a peaceful mind.

To be continued….


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