Weekend Getaway : Coorg!!!

January was a busy month with all the family weddings and reception, hectic office work and lots more.

We had planned our first trip of the year on January. I was afraid,with all this busy schedule, I would not be able to make it. Finally, We have managed to travel to Coorg on the long weekend during republic day.

With its charming mountains and lush green coffee plantations, Coorg is undoubtedly, the top travel destination in Karnataka.


We decided to stay relaxed and not tighten our itinerary and planned for a 3 day trip.Booked hotel with makemytrip and bus by Paytm, we were all set to go.

The bus started off by 11.30 pm and it was a 5 hours journey from Bangalore.We reached Madikeri by 5.30 am and it was so dark.We got into rickshaw to the hotel. It was less than 5 minutes from the bus stand.

We woke the receptionist up and he was so nice and helped us to check in at that time of the day. I was so tired with the bus journey. As we got into the room, I crashed into bed.

We woke up and had our South Indian Breakfast, explored the town and inquired about the tour packages and booked one for our next two days.



We did not have anything planned for our first day. By evening we got ready and visited “The Raja’s Seat” nearby to view the sunset.

raja seat

Raja’s seat was one of the favorite place for the kings of coorg, where the Kings spent their evenings with the Queens watching sunset.It is built on a high level ground with the view of cliffs and valleys to the west.

IMG_20160123_173731Raja’s seat has a well maintained garden and lawn. The most impressing thing I have noticed is that it is a plastic free zone and it is well monitored at the entrance gate.

IMG_20160123_174902The place was very crowded with tourist already.We explored the place , did some hiking to the nearby hills to get the closer view of the surrounded valleys. I felt I should breathe in all that fresh air and take back to Bangalore 🙂



We spent the rest of our evening enjoying the musical fountain inside the garden(Though it did not play any Hindi songs).

It was indeed a relaxed day. There was so much planned for the next two days. So we ended our day early. I was already so excited 😀

To be continued….


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