Welcome 2016!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hope you had a great time celebrating it with your friends and family.Now it’s the time to make resolutions for the year 🙂

I am that person who makes a lot of resolution on the first day of the year and end up not accomplishing anything.Yes!!! I am very miserable at keeping up my resolution.

This time, I thought a lot about the resolution I should make. I wanted it be realistic and attainable.

Do only the things which makes me happy: I tend to adjust with situations or things which I am not happy with and get stressed with it. This year, I decided  not to stick to the things which I don’t feel happy about, whether its a job or the people or even the small little things. I feel it is very important for a happy life.:)

♣ Be Healthy throughout the Year: Being a very lazy person, it has always been very difficult for me to stay healthy and fit.I am a very foodie person and I am not into exercising much. Now you know the reason:P

This year , I am planning to eat healthy, drink more water and start Yoga (which I was good at, long back;))  to keep me fit and healthy. This is a very difficult one to attain due to the work hours and the food at hostel. I will try my level best to achieve it. (Fingers crossed)

♣ Travel more often: Travelling is the one thing which makes me happy and feel refreshed.I am the most energetic person during the vacation. I love to visit different places, know different cultures and tasting new food.

This year, I am planning to travel as many places as possible. Being in IT job, its very difficult to get long holidays and vacations. However, I am planning to make use of most of the long weekends to make this happen.

January Trips are planned already and I am very excited about it 🙂

♣ Spend more time with Family: My family is the most important thing for me in the whole world.Being with them is the most happiest time for me. I am very much attached to my family and they are the biggest support in my life.

I am living alone from my college days  till now and I occasionally visit them during the festival or once in 4 months.I always miss them and feel I should visit them more often.

Being shifted to a city near to them(one night journey), my resolution for this year would be visiting them at least once a month 🙂

Establish a Budget: Setting and sticking to budget is the most difficult task for me.I am the person who spend the money on everything pretty to my eyes even if I don’t require it. I tend to save money only after all my expenses which according to Warren Buffett is the worst saving plan/idea.

This year, I am planning to keep track of my expenses and live within a fixed limit and still do the things I love and have a great life 🙂

So what are your new year resolution guys? Do you  always accomplish your new year resolution?


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