Thank You 2015!!!

Time is flying so fast.I still remember like yesterday,  the 2015 new year eve where I broke my phone glass and I could not wish any one and now its been an year!!!


Things did not start off very well. But, It took the pace and got along  really well 🙂

2015 have brought some major changes in my life and I am very well happy with it.

 Inflated Dreams is the best thing that happened to me this year.I have already mentioned in one of my posts about how I started my blog. It was quite unplanned. I never thought I would continue writing in my posts.The typical me usually loses interest on things very soon.

Now I am enjoying it  very much.I love writing here. I never thought someone would actually  read something I write. So I really get excited when people comment after reading my post.This is the special thing happened to me in this year

Travel wise, it has been a very good year for me.I took many vacations and was able to travel  to some awesome places in India.Those were the time I have enjoyed the most this year.I would like to thank my dear companion for making all the trips memorable 🙂

Work wise, I had a major change this year.I switch my job by the mid of the year. It was almost 3 years with the first company and I needed a change very badly.I joined the new job a week after I resigned the first organization. Of course, the pay is pretty good.

Still, I am not sure whether I am liking the new job as much as my previous one. Need to sort out in the next year 🙂

Shifting the city is another major thing happened to me this year. I have shifted from Kerala to Bangalore as you already know.It was an hard decision for me to leave pleasant, less polluted place to a metropolitan.Most of my friends were moving out of Kerala and I too decided to move to a different place.

It’s been 4 months here in Bangalore and I am getting used to the crowded streets and traffic. 🙂

These are the major changes happened in my life this year.

Other than this, I have become more organized in life and I have learned to say NO to people whenever needed. Needless to say, this made my life super easy.

At this moment, I would like to thank everyone specially my family and friends who were with me for the whole year during my bad and good days.

I would like to thank the almighty for his invisible support and help in making this year happy.

Thank you 2015 for being nice to me. 🙂



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