Things That Makes me happy about X’mas!!!

X’mas is the most special time of the year for me.I enjoy all the bits of things related to X’mas.


X’mas time helps to put me in all glad spirits.I love how around Christmas time living just becomes sort of Celebration.

Here I love to share with you people the things that makes me so happy about X’mas 🙂

1.X’mas Decoration♥♥

2.Time spend with family♥♥

3. Smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies♥♥

4. Listening to x’mas songs all through out the month♥♥

5. X’mas gifts shopping and wrapping♥♥

6.X’mas Home party and dinner♥♥

7.Singing X’mas Carols♥♥

8.Sending post card wishes to friends ♥♥

9. Santa Claus♥♥

10.X’mas Lights♥♥

So what is your happiest thing about X’mas? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Things That Makes me happy about X’mas!!!

  1. I would say what I love most about Christmas is Nr. 10, the Christmas lights. The days around Xmas are some of the shortest of the year and darkness kicks in during the late afternoon. Then I enjoy the lights because it would all look so dark and sad without them…
    However my least favourite thing is nr. 5. To be honest, I hate gift shopping around Xmas because it’s crowded everywhere…

    A happy new year to you!
    Xoxo Carina


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