Weekend Getaway-Nandi Hills!!!

Nandi Hills is sure the most favorite weekend getaway for the people of Bangalore.Even before shifting to Bangalore, I was planning for a trip to Nandi hills. Finally, we managed to plan the trip on the last weekend of November.

Nandi Hills is 4,851 ft above the sea level and its very close to the international airport.


We planned to ride to Nandi hills as it was less than a 3 hours ride.We started by 8 am on Saturday. The traffic was comparatively less at this time and had a smooth ride.

We have stopped on the way to have breakfast.After a quick bite, we resumed our ride.


I was getting so excited as we reached the foot of the hills. It was getting cold. As we rode through the foot of the hills, we could see flower fields and wine yards.We could spot people selling grapes on the either side of the road. I also managed to get my hands on that sweet grapes.

We booked our hotel Mount View Resort via GOIBIBO. There are not so many options for hotels in Nandi hills. Ours was an average room, I did not want to complain as we are not planning to hangout inside the room for long.


I was really tired after all the ride and as soon we checked in , I crashed into the bed.I got up really fresh at the time of lunch.

We had our lunch at the Hotel’s Restaurant and went back to the room.

By 4 in the evening, after a quick shower, we rode through the foots of the hills. I was enjoying the forest feel there and I spotted monkeys on the roads which my friend dared to go near. :p We walked on the empty road with trees on both sides and managed to click some photos.




After coming back to resort, we explored the resort property, spent some time on the pool and played with the cute bunnies there.



And we spent our rest of evening playing Table tennis and carom at the sports room. It was really fun. 🙂

Next morning, we got up by 5 am and got ready to ride to the hills to watch the sunrise. It was pitch black and freaking cold.As we rode up, the roads are not well maintained and people be careful and slow while riding.

As we reached the ticket point, it was already crowded and there was a long queue for tickets.I managed to get the tickets after 20 mins  and we started climbing up.

The roads are rocky, but the place is beautiful.You need to  carry water with you which we did not, as there is more than 30 mins walk to the top point.


To our disappointment, it started drizzling and the everything became foggy in no time. As we reached the top most point, the hill was gulped by fogg, we could not see anything literally, but the chilled wind  made my mind calm.

We spend some time enjoying the breeze  and we got down and rode back. I could not capture any fancy photos of Nandi hills due to the foggy weather. No worries. I am sure to come back here for that 🙂




As we reached the hotel, we had our complimentary breakfast and check out and drove back.

On our way back, we stopped at this very pretty restaurant, Indian Paratha Company and had the yummiest Aloo paratha ever. 🙂




Nandi hills is the one place you should not miss when you are in Bangalore.If its the right time of the year, you could even plan a wineyard tour on the foot of the hills. 🙂

For me, I missed the sunrise, still I am happy with trip. It was short and sweet. 🙂


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