December Goals

Finally December is here.The most awaited time of the year.:)



Like everyone, I am very much excited about X-mas, Carols, cakes, gifts what not. Everything is wonderful and exciting this time of the year.

December always brings me special memories about the time spent with my family. It is the perfect way to end a great year with happiness and gratitude.

For me, this month is going to be super busy as I have lot of things to be done. My cousin is getting married on 2nd January 2016. So I will be joining my family for holidays by 24th December and will be leaving after the wedding.

My Goals are mostly related to X-mas this time.

1.X-MAS Decoration:

Decorating home is one thing I love doing during X-MAS. During my childhood, me and brother start our Christmas decoration on day one itself. Hanging stars and decorating tree and our rooms

Now, living in hostel, I won’t be able to decorate the room much. Still I am planning to  do some decorations possible today itself 🙂

2. Send x-mas cards to friends and close relatives.

Sending post cards has become so uncool these days. I remember , during the school days I used to sit down and write wishes on cards for all my friends and send to them one week before the x-mas.

So this year, I am planning to send cards to all my loved ones via post.I really love the feeling of receiving x-mas cards. Hope I too receive some wishes through posts 🙂

3. Finish the shopping by 2nd week of December.

I cannot always finish my shopping at time and end up not gifting to some one or other.

This time, I have to do x-mas gifts shopping as well as shopping for cousin’s wedding. I have already started shopping gifts. So I am planning to finish my shopping within 2 weeks so that I don’t miss anyone at the last minute hurry.

5.Plan a weekend trip with friend before holidays with family.

As I will be with my family for X-mas as well as New year, I need to spend some time with my friend to compensate.:) So I will be planning for a weekend trip in Bangalore . Maybe, that will be the only trip  for December and I will be surely updating it here.

4. Bake x-mas cake and cookies at home.

I am super excited for this.We always buy the center piece cake for our x-mas dinner. We have never baked one at home. With the new oven at home, I am planning to bake the x-mas cake this time and some x-mas cookies.

Hope it will work out well.

I have not planned many complicated things for December as you can see. I am planning to  enjoy the holidays with my family and attend x-mas prayers at Church.:)

Are you all excited about x-mas? So what are your plans for December and X-MAS?



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