Auroville -A Universal Township

Auroville is one of  the main attractions of Pondicherry Trip. Auroville is a township in Tamil Nadu district which is very close to Pondicherry. It was founded by Mira Alfassa (The Mother) in 1968.


Auroville is a place where people from different parts of the world live by the philosophy of unity in humanity.It is for those people who don’t  pursue contentment from the materialistic possessions.

We reached the visitor’s place by afternoon and grabbed a snack and tart.The  place was already crowded with the visitors. Then we headed to the exhibition hall in which the history and the building of township and the Matrimandir is detailed.




It also played a video about the structure of Matrimandir.



From the exhibition hall, we got the pass to visit the Matrimandir. There is transportation provided till the Matrimandir. But we decide to take a walk.

The way to Matrimandir is well maintained. It has numerous grasses and trees which were planted by the residence of Auroville. You need to walk more than half an hour to reach the viewing point.


The Matrimandir is so magnificent.The globe is covered with the golden discs which reflects the light providing the structure its radiance.I sat there in silence away from the chaos of life without taking the eyes off it.It was such a healing experience.


Visitors could participate in concentration session in Matrimandir  on prior booking.Also the visitor’s could stay back in Auroville and involve in various activities and volunteer ship.It is a place where you ditch your normal life you are living and live the life you wanted.People live their dreams in Auroville.

I really wish that I could  stay back for couple of days here and live the life I have always wanted.Definitely, I am coming back here to spend some days to live my dream.

So when ever you get a chance, Visit Auroville and spend some days in this township. No matter from which part of the world you are from,it is definitely going to change your perspective about life. 🙂


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