November Updates!!!

I know it’s been a  very long time. In fact this is my first post in November. It would be very inappropriate if I do a November Goals at  mid of November.


So to make things simple, I would like to share with you what’s happening with me on November.

To begin with, October has been a very great and eventful month. I was successful in achieving most of my October goals except for the exercise goals(which I don’t think I could accomplish that in this life 😛 and the apartment hunt as I dropped it purposefully because of some plan changes). I was able to read books, do regular blog posts and visit new places.October was so much fun  and productive indeed.

Coming back to November. November did not start off well for me. I had a very bad case of food poisoning on the very first week.All blame to the outside food I had frequently. It was very terrible and literally for two days, I just had ORS juices.Now I am very cautious about the food I am having here.

In India, it’s the festival season now. So I traveled to my parents’ place on the second week as I had a long weekend. It was always the first priority to visit parents during festive season.According to me, festivals are to be celebrated always with family :). I did shopping with them and ate good food till my stomach breaks. 😀 I did not even feel like coming back from there.:(

Bangalore climate has changed all of a sudden. It’s freezing cold and I don’t even feel like getting out of bed.Don’t blame me for not writing any blog post. It’s the weather which made me lazy to do anything :(.

However, half of the month is remaining. I will be doing the Auroville post for you guys as promised this week itself. I am trying to make rest of November more interesting by enjoying this cold climate .

Are you guys enjoying the climate at your place ??


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