Weekend Getaway- Pondicherry-Day 1

We were planning for this trip for long as it was a long weekend but our destinations kept changing.Finally, at the last moment, we fixed on Pondicherry and it did not disappoint us 🙂

It was very difficult to book hotels as most of the places were fully booked by the time we finalized on our trip.However, we managed to book hotels and the  KSRTC services for the travel.

We started our journey on Thursday night by 11 PM and it is less than 7 hours journey.We reached the Pondicherry Bus stand by 6 AM. It’s just like the typical Indian bus stop which does not give you either a slight hint that it’s a tourist attraction.The bus stop was already crowded with people and the auto drivers were standing ready to make their deal with the tourists.

My friend who is ‘Baniya'(Business man) by blood googled and found out the hotel is only 2.5 km away and started bargaining with the driver and finally succeeded in reducing the auto fare from Rs 120 to Rs 80 🙂

We reached the hotel by 7 AM and we were told that we will get rooms only by 9.30 AM. So we got freshened up in the common wash room , took a quick stroll at the nearby beach and then we waited for the room.It got delayed further that we had our breakfast buffet at the hotel and it was delicious.

Promenade beach

Finally, we got one room by 11 AM and took a quick nap as we waited for our other friends to join from Chennai.Our friends came by 12 pm and we got our second room at 12.30 pm.

The hotel reception
The hotel reception

Hotel executive Inn

We got ready and had our lunch and hired bikes. The Pondicherry trip has been officially started.

First, we decided to visit the Paradise Beach which was far from our place. It took us nearly half an hour to reach the beach.Its white sandy beach.

Paradise beach3

Paradise beach2

We walked along the shore and clicked some pictures. There was boat riding on the lake near to the beach. We skipped the boat  ride and decided to enjoy the beauty of the sea instead 🙂

Paradise beach4

Paradise beach5

By 7, we reached back to the mission street which is near to our hotel. We took some Beers/Breezers and went to the hotel room and had it there . It was fun as it was after a long time. We took a nap after our drinks for one hour. When we woke, everyone was very hungry.

We got ready and went out to have dinner. Cafe Xtasi at Mission Street serves the most delicious wood fried oven Pizzas in Pondicherry.


cafe xtasi

We waited for almost half an hour to get our seats. We ordered two medium veg Pizzas and it was the best pizza I have ever had in my life. It was worth a wait 🙂

pizza 2

cafextasi pondi

After having the yummy and satisfied dinner, we walked back to the hotel and crashed into the bed.

(To be Continued…)


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