25 Things that make me happy

Happiness is very important to have a beautiful life. If you could see good in every small things, we can be happy all the time.You don’t need to be a billionaire or you don’t need to own a huge mansion to be happy.

Happiness is a choice and we are the only one who can decide on whether to be happy or not.

Here, I am listing out the smaller things in my life which make me happy


  1. My Family( My papa , mummy and my brother) They are the ultimate reason for my happiness
  2. Cooking(It’s a passion for me and I love it to its core and every time, it makes me happy and satisfied)
  3. Organizing:from wardrobe to book shelves to kitchen. Everything makes me happy. I like my things to be organised.
  4. Shopping:Online shopping/ Window shopping.
  5. Floral Scents and Deodorant
  6. The smell of nail polish
  7. Reading books: Novels which gives you a feeling that its real.
  8. Watching classic movies,which my friend recommends to me and am addicted to that and bugs him every time to send a new list.
  9. Talking to my mother over phone: As I am staying away from my parents, I call her every single day and she describes me every minute things happening with them and I feel like I am not away from them
  10. Writing: It’s not about writing on hard-core topics . It’s about making a to do list or a bucket list or writing on my blog
  11. Beaches: I am in love with beaches and can’t get enough of that
  12. A long shower
  13. Pizza: Pizza and beer with your bestie on Friday nights
  14. Music: It lightens my heart
  15. Travelling
  16. Chocolate cake
  17. Spending time with my best friends
  18. Sleep
  19. Visiting my parents 
  20. Festivals: It’s the time of get together, good food and happiness
  21. Genuine People
  22. Chicken: In any form; Grilled, Curry, deep-fried, sandwiched.
  23. Seeing and talking to happy people: They can make me feel happy
  24. Donating clothes to charity or to the people who are in need
  25. My blog 🙂

So what are the things that makes you happy??


4 thoughts on “25 Things that make me happy

  1. Laughing at funny things people do makes me happy…

    As for beaches, since you like traveling, you should try visiting Kudle beach and Palolem.


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