CurrentlyIt’s been huge gap between my last “Currently” post and this one. There was pretty much no change for a long period of time.Even for the book I was reading.:D

So what’s point in scribbling one saying the same things all over again and make you all bored. Make sense right? :). Anyway, I am into new things and thoughts currently and it’s the best time to share that with you guys 🙂

Here We go……….

Reading :Mrs Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna, former Bollywood Actress turned Interior decorator. Now the writer!!!I I have  received the book yesterday and I am loving it so far. I love the way she narrates the incident with the touch of humour. It  is endearing, real and well written.

I am more happy that I am doing well with my reading habits 🙂

Watching : OK… This is the truth.These days, I am into Hindi Daily soap shows. 😦 This is so not me. But hear me out, I have a justification. As staying in a hostel, we consider the majority opinion when coming to watching TV shows. My roommates were already following some shows. So I joined them since I don’t want to be the rude one 🙂 I am totally fine with that and I am enjoying it secretly 😛

Loving : The new city 🙂 I have already mentioned about this in my previous posts.Bangalore has lot to explore and I am looking forward for that .Excited as always 🙂

Check out my previous posts on Bangalore here.

Bangalore-First Impression

Bangalore Palace: A Fairy Tale castle!!!

Planning : Weekend trips. Long weekends are on the way and I am searching for the perfect weekend getaway destinations here and planning for trips. In-fact,we are planning trips for all the weekend  this month 🙂

Thinking: of getting driver’s license as soon as possible. It’s already very late and everyone at home is forcing me to get one. I know,I have planned and postponed this many times.

But , this time  I am surely going to get it done 🙂

So what are you up to currently ?? 🙂


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    • sure.. I have never been to punjab..But it is a good place to visit where they have amritsar and waga border where India shares border with pakistan, its quite interesting

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