October Goals!!!

October Goals

Happy October Everyone 🙂

I am very bad at accomplishing my goals even though it makes the life simpler and organised.

As moved to new city, there are a lot of things to be done. So I thought  to  make goals for this month and try to achieve most of it.(fingers crossed)

1.Apartment Hunt:I hate to stay in hostel.I hate the food in here and the rooms can’t be as neat as what I expect irrespective of whatever I do.I am comfortable with the self cooked , self cleaned my own space.

Of course in a new city, it is very difficult to find out an apartment which is economical, safe, clean and close to the work.So , this month I am going apartment hunt to find the perfect one for me. Hope I could finalize one this month itself.

2.Plan trip for long weekends: This month, there is going to be lot of holidays and mostly those falls on a Friday which is more exciting. As moved to new city, there is a lot to explore. So I am planning for some trips on these long weekends to explore the new place. I will update all my trip details on this space.:)

3.Exercise daily: This one is the goal I have on every month and is least accomplished 😦 But this month, I am going to be  serious on this. Now , I am waking up early because of the chilling climate(at least for me :P). So taking that as an advantage, I am planning to start jogging as a first step and day 1 is a success 🙂

4. Read 3 books in October: Now there is so much free time. No cooking, no cleaning. So there is more time for reading. Reading books is always special for me than movies or anything.Also, now I could review the books here :D. This month’s goal is to read at least three books. I have ordered the books already and all set to read 🙂 . Hope I could accomplish this 🙂

5. 5 Blog post for the month : Ever since I have started this blog, I am loving it.  Thanks to my dear friends  Sunanda and Vikram  for their support 🙂 Check out their blogs here .December & l3ns-flare

I never had any long-term plans about this as I drop  things half way once I lost interest. Now , that stage has passed for my blog and I am trying to be consistent with my posts. This month, I am planning to post at least  5 post .:)

Hope I could accomplish all the goals this month.

So, what are your October goals??


4 thoughts on “October Goals!!!

  1. I have no October specific goals. I will just continue my ongoing habit streaks. I am all good with my habits this year but for fun, I decided to do a “30 days of Weetbix” challenge starting today. I will write about it in a soon on my blog.

    If you are still forming exercising habit, don’t aim to do daily. That’s a sure shot recipe to failure. Try to to 3 times a week, on specific days and as little as 15 mins a day until that becomes your routine.

    Here is a good post from one of my favorite habit bloggers on how to form fitness habit: http://zenhabits.net/fitguide/

    Good luck.

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