Know Me More!!!

Ten questions

Hey everyone..

Today, I am thinking to do something different.

I know, My About Me is quite vague. So through this post, you will get to know me more..So let’s start..

My Ten Choices.

  1. Love or Lust- Love
  2. Hard liquor or Beer- Beer is comfortable for me. But I drink both 🙂
  3. Cat or Dog-Of course, it’s DOG
  4. A few best friend or regular friends- A few best friends
  5. Creamy or Crunchy- Crunchy
  6. Pencil or Pen- Pencil. It brings back childhood memories and a smile on my face 🙂
  7. Wild night out or Romantic night in- Romantic night in
  8. Money or Happiness- Both. Life would be miserable without both.
  9. Night or Day- Day 🙂 Always a bright sunny day
  10. IM chat or phone-  Phone

Ten facts about me.

  1. Full Name-Lerry Oommen (Are you wondering what’s the meaning of Lerry? It’s “Brave as lion”. Indeed, I am)  
  2. Nickname-No Nickname 😦 But my best friend calls me phoebe after F.R.I.E.N.D.S character 😛
  3. Birthplace-Kerala, India
  4. Hair color-Black
  5. Natural hair style-straight
  6. Eye color- Black
  7. Birthday-June 18
  8. Mood-Happy
  9. Favorite Color- Blue
  10. One city you would like to visit- Paris

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂


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