Bangalore- First Impression!!!


As you already know, I shifted the city and its Bangalore-The silicon valley of India.

Yes, it is.Literally, at every bus stop, there is one IT park.It is a new experience for me.There is so much of people at every corner.I suppose, full India is there in Bangalore. šŸ˜€

This is my first visit to the city and it is quite different from the city I used to live.

It’s been less than a week here in this city and I know it’s too early to judge a place.

Here I wantĀ to share with you people the first impression on Bangalore.

Climate and Environment: It is dry and cool climate, yet pleasant. It is not too hot as in Kerala and u won’t sweat like a pig here. Since it is dry, you need to deep moisturize your body , face and lips.Mornings, it gets really cold that u may need to grab a sweater while going out.

Environment, I would say it is dusty all over and very crowded.It is not polluted but theĀ dust is all from the never-ending construction going on.Traffic block is a main problem as there are many signals and more population. It is obvious for a metropolitan city.You can’t complain on that.

However, with all this traffic and dust, they have managed to maintain some greenery here and there and It made me feel so happy.

Travel: Bangalore is a well-connected city. City buses are available in every 5 mins. Rickshaws are all over the place and there are different cab services where you can book online and commute easily.

As a first timer, I booked cab initially and traveled some of the nearby places to get used to the place.I tried rickshaw also. Just don’t agree blindly with their rates. Either u bargain or you ask them to ride on Ā meter charges.

Second Day, I planned to take the bus so that I will get used to it since I am planningĀ to travel daily to office in bus. So once you understand the route numbers and get familiar with the place names, it’s so easy and cheap to travel in bus.

So I don’t thinkĀ travel will ever be an issue in Bangalore.

People: People seems to be very friendly and helpful.Now, I am staying in a PG. My roommates are very good. I am a person who have trouble in mingling with people very fast. But my roommates took the lead and always try to include me their conversation.

Here there is Ā diversity in the population. People from all part of the country are there and its good that we can feelĀ different culture.

Food: All kind of food is available here.All from street vendors to theĀ chain restaurantsĀ . I tried some Thai/ Chinese food, Kerala food and north Indian food. We get a lot of options and lot of variety.

In my PG, they serve north Indian food. It is way too good compared to my bad food experiences in hostel at Trivandrum.. I am happy with the food part here šŸ™‚

Language: Language is the biggest problem when you shift to new city for a country like India as there are a lot of regional language.Regional language in Kannada and Telugu is also so common. I can’t even differentiate on both.

Luckily, everyone understand and speak little Hindi here so I can adjust with my very little Hindi speaking skills.It’s not that I can’t speak Hindi. I am not confident enough as I was never using it frequently.

Anyway, now I am going to speak Hindi everywhere here which might help me in future as well šŸ˜‰ .Also, I am planning to study some basics of Kannada/ Telugu to survive with the locals here šŸ˜€

Shopping: This is going to be the best part. There are a lot of shopping malls where you get all the international brands I was eyeing at. This was the one thing I was missing in Kerala. In Bangalore, apart from hundredsĀ of shopping malls, there are commercial streets/ thrift shops where you shop cheap and good quality items.I have not explored anything yet.Journey is yet to begin and am all excited for this part.

Bangalore is going to be a brand new experience to me.I have plans to travel to nearby tourist places in the coming days. Just waiting for some people to join me in the new city šŸ˜€ I will be updating everything on this space.

So what were your First Impressions when you shifted to a new city??


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