Bye Bye God’s Own Country!!!


I know, I am going through lot of changes in life lately

First job change,then house shift.And Finally,now moving from the city after long 7 years.

I know this was going to happen, but I didn’t know it will happen this fast.

There is lot more happenings awaiting by early next year. All these changes are happening for that big thing.Now I don’t want to go in details of all that.

Coming back, I was in this city for the past 7.5 years, starting from college to career. The place has given me both happy and sad memories.

I made lot of friends here, traveled many places. It was a very memorable 7 years.I was emotionally attached to this place.I know all the bits and pieces of this place.

This place has become a part of my life and I never had a feeling that am outsider to this place.

The clean environment,the greenery and the fresh air I get here, I am sure I am not going to get in the new city.I would say, it is the less populated city I have been to.

The beaches here are worth a mention. Beach dates with my friends  were wonderful and I will cherish it for a life time and I am going to miss that.

So with all the good things, am leaving this city?.

Yeah!!!With all my dear ones moving from the city, what is  the point in me sticking to the place?. Even if it is heaven, you need your dear ones be around to share the happiness.

But I am going to miss my city.It is not a goodbye. I will come back to visit your beauty 🙂

Thanks for all the wonderful people who traveled along with me through this journey in this beautiful city.

(By the time , I post this, I will be in the new city. Trivandrum, I am already missing you here 😦 )


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