New Job Vs Old Job – A Comparison!!!

New Job Vs Old Job

August turned out to be a hectic month for me. Lot of things were going on in the personal as well as professional front.

We shifted the flat and moved to another place on the first week of September.Me and my room-mate is getting adjusted with the new place.

I could not accomplish any of my August goals 😦

As you already know, I switched my job by mid of August.

Adjusting to a new work place is very difficult. I am trying to fit into the place so that I can work comfortable and be soon in track.

Anyway, I would like to compare the culture difference of my old and my new organization.

1.Dress Code:

At the old organisation, there was a strict dress code. We are supposed to wear formals throughout the week. I used to dislike friends in other companies who could wear casual clothes once in a week.

Now, with the new organisation, there is no dress code at all. We could go in casuals throughout the week.

It is like falling from one extreme to the other.

I always wished to wear casuals at work place. But now, when I could actually do it, I don’t want to. I don’t get the feeling of going office when I wear casuals.

I can’t be more weird than this. 😀

2. Work station

I used to have a desktop with my own little space and a permanent seat in my previous organisation.

Now, with the new organisation, I am given a laptop. We have the flexibility to walk around the place and talk and present to people easily and convey the message faster.

The only difficulty I see about laptop is it’s too heavy to carry it daily to office and I may not be able to show off my hand bag collections to people at office 😛

3.Work Timings

With the old organisation, I did not have to maintain an 8 hours log. You finish your work and if you don’t have anything pending from your side.

Here, I have to log 8 hours daily or 40 hours weekly. There is monitoring too. It would take some time for me to get used to this.

Good  thing is that there is flexibility to work from home since they provide laptop and dongle 🙂

4. Food

I am obsessed with food. No kidding here. 😀

At the old organisation, I used to take lot of tea breaks and snack a lot from the vending machine and the pantry.

For lunch, there were options even if I overslept and missed to cook.

At the new organisation, I am really disappointed food wise. There is nothing to snack at all. There are no vendors to provide lunch. In fact, there is no food court for the entire phase 😦

This should be improved here. I hope, I could loose some weight because of this. 😀

Overall, It is a good experience with the new job till now and I am happy 🙂

So what were the differences you felt when you joined the new job?

Share yours experiences 🙂


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