5 things I can’t Do

I am always in search for interesting Blog post ideas. As  I was going through different blogs, I stumbled  upon this blog Wonder Forest which has amazing blog posts.So I got the idea of this blog post from her.

5 things I can't do

I know, I have not talked much about my interest and my personal life. I am planning do a Q&A sooner or an extended “About Me” post.

Now I am sharing the top 5 things I can’t Do.

1.I can’t sleep without a blanket :I feel really cold whenever I take a nap, not just the night.It is so weird that u take an afternoon nap and covered with a blanket.It makes me very uncomfortable if I am not covered, especially my legs and will not be able to sleep at all.

2.I can’t do batting with my right hand: Cricket is my all time favourite outdoor game.I have grown up playing cricket with my younger brother and cousins and watching all the test series and one day match with my father. Somehow, I became a fan of left-handed batsmen. Since then, I played with only my left hand.”Huge Influence :D”.I am not a left-handed person, but I can’t do batting with my right hands.

3.I can’t go deep into sea: Of course, I am a beach person, but definitely not a sea person.I love beaches. But when it comes to travelling through sea, it’s very difficult. I am sea sick.whether its a ship, boat or barge, I start throwing up and get sick. I don’t think I could fulfill my plans for a cruise trip 😦

4.I can’t hide my emotions from my face:Good or bad?? But it’s true. My face reflects what exactly is in my mind. If I don’t like something, even though I don’t speak up, It gets automatically reflected on my face. Even the happy feelings shows upon my face.I feel comfortable that way, because I don’t want to make people understand the way I feel. To my defense,  I am terrible at putting together words to express my feelings.

5.I can’t read while travelling: Yes. I tried it everywhere. In train, bus, car, flight.But never succeeded. First, I get distracted with the people around or the noise around and I lose the track.If I manage to get a way to concentrate,I  will start experiencing dizziness.Even then, I will always carry a book for all the journey to check whether the curse is broken. 🙂

So what are the things you can’t do?


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