I am going to miss my First Job!!!

Change is inevitable.

Yes, I am leaving my first job in one week for better career prospects.

I would say , the first Organization as the work and role in the new job will be almost similar but with more responsibilities.

I am going to miss this place… 😦


Its been 3.5 years with UST and time just flew away. This was always been a happy place for me. I always believed IT was never my thing.Graduated in Electrical engineering and joining IT industry as a fresher was a nightmare for me.

But UST made it easier.

The well organised ALPHA training for the fresher made me ready to face the fast growing technology world.

The complete ALPHA batch, the trips, the dinners and treats were so overwhelming.I am not going to get back those days ever.



I am going to miss the flexible timings of the projects. It helped me to maintain a work-life balance. I was able to plan my vacations to visit my parents who lives in a different city.

I am going to miss the Big fat Team dinners we used to have for all the occasions.It was so fun to be with the team outside work and gossiping about other teams πŸ˜‰

I am going to miss the CSR activities we organised and the fun@work times at office.The work culture, as everyone says, is the best with this organization.


I am going to miss all the celebrations and dance here in this place.


As a Thank you note,Β UST moulded me as a perfect IT professional in the past 3.5 years.It has given me opportunities to excel in my work and made me grow in the profession.It helped me in grooming my communication and interpersonal skills.

I am going to miss my managers who were always approachable, all my teammates and my dear friends who were supportive for this past 3.5 years.

I am taking all the good memories and will cherish them forever πŸ™‚

so how did you feel when you left your job??


2 thoughts on “I am going to miss my First Job!!!

  1. You know what! Thanks for showing me Bhavani again. I worked in third floor in Infosys, ten years ago. Those Onam photos bring back my own 2005 and 2006 Onam memories.

    I eventually moved on to Bangalore and then out of country. But those memories are precious.

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