August Goals!!!

August Goals

I know its been quite a long time after my last post.

I was figuring out on some of the major decisions in my life.I kind of sorted out most of the things.

Well, I am switching my job by mid of August. Same city, still different work culture.

I decided to set Goals to make things more organised and focused.   1.Establish a time to do exercise:When it comes to workout, I am the laziest person ever.But this time, I want to work this out somehow.I am planning to join gym and start working out at least three times a week.Maybe a couple of colorful work out clothes may inspire me on accomplishing this.

2.Open a long term savings account: I don’t have a savings account other than my salary account. As with the switch to new job, I am planning to start a long term savings account. I am inquiring to some of my friends, the best one suited for me and getting it finalized.

3.Keep a TO DO LIST: I started maintaining a Daily TO DO LIST in my phone. I think its more effective and makes my day cluster-free. It gives me pleasure when I could strike out almost all the items in day. I am progressing good with this goal till now. I should probably get a journal to keep a record rather than using the phone.

4.Take a weekend trip to a hill station: I always end up with a beach destination for my weekend getaway. This month, I am planning for a hill station instead. It will be by the end of this month as there is a long weekend because of regional holidays. Hope I could make it happen.

5.Join the driving class: I don’t have a driving license yet. In fact, I used to have people in my life to take me everywhere I need. Now, I feel its high time to get a driving license.So I am planning to join the driving class and be licensed to buy a car 🙂

So what are your goals for the month??


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