I liked the “Currently”  post series idea from Sometimes Sweet. I thought I would steal the idea from her and do it  for you.


So I am currently….

Reading : My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. The Book was a birthday gift from my friend.My sister’s Keeper is a story of a girl who sues her parents for making her donate her Kidney for her elder sister who is suffering from Leukemia. The narrative style is outstanding. It describes the individual feelings of each character.

I have just started reading the book and hope to finish it before end of this month. I will review it here once it is done. I am so happy that I have resumed my habit of reading books and hope to keep up the passion.

Watching : F.R.I.E.N.D.S of course. over and over again.Never got bored with F.R.I.E.N.D.S ever since i have started it.After a stressful/ hectic day at office, I just ran to home to watch it and be relaxed.

Loving : My Blog 🙂 I have never thought, I will ever start a blog or I could write like this. It was just unplanned. I was scribbling a guest post for my BFF’S Blog December and I showed it one of my friends. He suggested me to have my own space to post it. So here it is. However I am loving it at the moment.I don’t have any long-term plans for my blog as of now. Lets see 🙂

Planning : Planning for a long vacation on November. This time, it’s going to be a big one. Let it be a surprise.I don’t want to splurge too much on a Trip. I would like to plan it on a budget.I am on the research for the perfect deals. Excited(fingers-crossed).

Thinking :  Two thoughts in particular.

1.  Whether to shift or not from the city I am presently staying. Its been a long time here, 4 years of my degree and 3 years of career. Also, my dear ones here with me are also planning for change. I don’t want to be left alone here. its high time for a change. Thinking in process. 🙂
2. I promised some one that I will reduce my weight in two months at least 5 kg. I am a real foody and so lazy to do exercise. I am really thinking, whether I could accomplish it within two months. I don’t either want to compromise on food or do exercise.(weird though). Its been two weeks , I have accepted the challenge.

Today, he was reminding me during the lunch seeing the way I was eating :P. So, I was thinking from that moment to figure out a way.Only thing I have started doing for this, lately, is having a cup of green tea everyday. Is that going to help in any way?? Today I am determined to figure out a way for this tonight  :).

So what are you up to currently ?? 🙂


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